iPad mini excitement

I’m very excited to have a new iPad mini on order for next Friday.

I’m very curious to see if anyone will make a usable keyboard for it.

I got off the iPhone upgrade program last year, so this is the first time I’m sitting out an iPhone upgrade for several years, but I’m mostly ok with that. At least for now?


I tried iPad Mini 5 last year, fantastic device! I used it to read books/articles and code review on couch and toilet. It is feasible to handwrite on it, though my hands are to large to do it comfortably.

I think I will try the new Mini once it got to my country. The larger display looks promising

@tjluoma which color did you get?

I got the purple one… the iPad mini was definitely the highlight for me of the entire event.


I’m debating on whether I want to part ways with my 256GB iPad Mini 5 and upgrade to the newer model, as it’s definitely a nice piece of kit, but I’m not sure I can stretch to the 256GB model this time (and not sure I need it).

However, 1TB on the iPhone Pro Max! Who needs that amount of space on a phone!!


I have a foldable bluetooth keyboard that I use with my current Mini:

But I ordered the Logitech Keys to Go with my new iPad as I’ve been considering it for ages and it seemed like a good opportunity to get it. I’ll have to report back on how it works!


iPad Mini is an exciting upgrade! Now reconsidering my upgrade plans. No M1 iPad Pro to replace the 2018 version and might even skip a cycle on the iPhone…

I didn’t walk away with any feeling of “ooh, maybe I do need to upgrade anything.
I have an iPhone 12, watch v6 and my trusty 2018 iPad Pro. I can only surmise that they were targeting ‘much’ older models of everything.
Fair enough.
Curious to see the EarPods when they eventually arrive.
And maybe Fitness + Tai Chi (:crossed_fingers:) which I was kind of hoping for


Yep— excited about this. My 5 has seen quite a bit of use, and it’s only a 64GB model. I’m going all in on a 256GB 6 in the near future…

Very excited. I’m hoping it will be a great device for taking notes in meetings, something to take it’s me when I’m out and about, and easier to use handheld on the couch than my 12.9”.

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I’m the dissenter on the iPad Mini as my fingers are too short to hold it comfortably in one hand. Since I can’t palm any iPad, I figure I might as well stick with the largeer screen. However my step-son really likes the size as a Navy helicopter pilot. Perfect size for the cockpit.

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Really temped to get the new iPad Mini too. I’ve always loved the Mini, especially for reading on the subway, but now that I work from home, I mostly use my 11" iPad Pro around the house.

I use this keyboard with my Mini: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018K5EJCQ

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I’m trying to decide between that keyboard and the iClever BK06 dual folding one.

The minis are going fast – I added a mini to my Apple Store bag late last evening, and went to check out this morning – the delivery date had shifted two weeks in less than 11 hours.

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I comfortably toted my Mini 5 with my unused iMac 2020 Magic Keyboard in this:

Nothing tops the feel of a real keyboard. Even on a smaller screen.

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That looks like a sweet bag, @macsorcery!

I ordered the new iPad Mini shortly after yesterday’s Apple event thinking it could be the iPad I carry with my MacBook Air. I’ve been packing the 11" with my Air, but I use it infrequently, and when I do use it, I don’t need the Magic Keyboard case.

I’m still trying to figure out where the iPad fits in my workflow, especially since I’m using the MBA when I’m away from my desk a lot more.

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Lovely color! Adds pizazz!

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I’m in the same boat. I have a 2019 Mini that’s only really about 6 months old, bought because I needed an iPad and I was concerned that the rumors I saw showed the Mini getting substantially larger in the fall.

Turns out the redesign is smaller overall (same width, 0.01" thicker, but almost 1/3" less in height). And bumps from an A12 to an A15. Since the A14 benchmarks about 50% faster than the A12, this looks like a reasonable upgrade.

Apple would happily give me $225 for my current Mini, which is lower than I want to take. Fortunately they hiked the minimum price of the new model ($399 to $499), so there should be some private-party value still. :slight_smile:

That’s the one I’m getting too. With a matching case, just because. :slight_smile:

I have to say, I could easily fill 256 GB if I weren’t careful, and 512 would be useful. Lots of podcasts and video downloads, and a rather large library in Logos including their Mobile Ed stuff. I try to keep everything on-device.

But yeah, I’m having a hard time understanding what use cases would go much over that. Unless maybe somebody is actually editing 4K movies on their phone or something.

And let’s not forget the (small subset of) people who walk in, say “what’s the best, top of the line phone I can buy?” and drop the cash for whatever that is. They’re rare, but I used to know a person for whom owning “top of the line” was a very, very big deal. :smiley:


Same and same.

I like having different colors.

The worst part of getting the iPhone Pro is the generally boring colors, although I do like the Midnight Blue.


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I wish they had that color for the 13.