iPad Mini users, wish list for the March event?

Mine are simple.

litte bezel
pencil 2 support
5G support

all rumored and doable.

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Reduced bezel
9” screen
Pencil 2 support

Modern iPad Pro design (maybe not likely)

Apple Pencil 2 support - this would be the No.1 factor which would make me buy it - but I think its unlikely
smaller bezels - likely to happen
new design language - unlikely according to reports
Increase in screen size - very possible
USB C support - again unlikely

I have an 11inch iPad Pro and am tempted to get a iPad mini 4 or 5 as a smaller reading device but cant justify, especially as I also have a Kindle.

I feel like Pencil 2 support would almost have to come with some sort of chassis redesign, as Pencil 2’s whole thing is that it magnetizes to the device on a flat side for charging, pairing, etc.

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I was fortunate enough to snag the updated iPad Mini before the mandatory lockdowns started in March, so I’ve had enough time to consider my likes an dislikes.

What is really like to see is an update with smaller bezels, that the large chin and forehead are removed and the bezel is uniform around the entire screen. It’s time.

While I’d like to have a more iPad Pro-inspired flat-edge design, it wouldn’t be a deal killer for me to have it remain in the form factor that it is. I understand the desire to have it flat for aesthetic taste and Pencil 2 capability. However, I often take my device to my laboratory and I put it in a case that holds my pencil anyway.

Apple needs to start pulling out the stops with turning everything over to USB-C. Yes, I get it, some people will groan that they need all new cables and charging blocks. But they’ll get over it sooner if Apple just pulls the bandaid off now. It’s time for this to happen.

23"/24" Apple Silicon iMac with iPad Pro design.

Oh wait, you’re talking about the iPad mini… :sweat_smile:

Honestly, they should just make it into a miniature iPad Air 4, but keep all the color options. That would be very appealing if it is sold for $499.

They’ve already done so with the headphone jack and no charger being included in the box. They can surely do it again, but people will not be happy about it.

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