iPad only people: how do you handle ergonomics?

I’m thinking of going for iPad only. Or at least have it as my main device. How do others deal with ergonomics and prevent all kinds of physical complaints? An external monitor is not a real option. I was thinking of an iPad stand, but then I can’t justify the price of the Magic Keyboard.

I’m not iPad only, but I do use it quite a lot. I’ve used both external monitors and put the iPad on a stand to get more ergonomic positioning. With an external keyboard and a Magic Trackpad either are good options.


When I have a lot of typing to do I put my iPP in a stand by Heckler Design and use a standard Apple Magic keyboard and either a mouse or Magic Trackpad. The stand puts the top of my 11 in iPad Pro around 13.5 inches above the table.

During long sessions I occasionally put the stand on a large book.


I picked up a stand that’s essentially a clone of TwelveSouth’s HoverBar Duo. The one I’ve got doesn’t double up as a shelf clamp, but it has the same height and adjustable viewing angles… very happy with that.

When I’m at a desk, I pair my iPad with an ergonomic mechanical keyboard (specifically: GitHub - foostan/crkbd: Corne keyboard, a split keyboard with 3x6 column staggered keys and 3 thumb keys.) with a Bluetooth module that doubles up as a way to hot-swap between two devices (one wired, one wireless). If I’m on my feet or otherwise holding the iPad in hand, I tend to default to an iPad Mini 5, which I talked myself into primarily for facilitation, presentations and meetings. I can just about manage my Pro 11” in hand if I have to, but the Mini’s more of a comfortable fit for me. That said, I do like how portable the 11” is, so haven’t yet managed to justify upgrading to a 12.9” Pro for seated/desktop work…