iPad only podcasting

dear MPU gang
A friend of mine and I have recently started a podcast using an iPad only workflow. We’re running Rode NT-USB mini mics through usb-c straight into iPad Pros and record separate (local) audio with VoiceRecorder on iPad (he’s in Devon and I’m in London). We start a FaceTime call for the conversation (ie I’m listening to his audio through my iPhone while recording – unmonitored – directly to iPad). That part is weirdly convoluted. He then syncs, edits and mixes the audio on iPad using Hokusai 2 – www.wooji-juice.com/products/hokusai/ – and that’s it.
Here’s the result: www.midlifing.net – two people having highly improvised, serious and often funny conversations about being human.
Yes, this is an advertisement disguised as a post about using iPads for podcasting. But I am genuinely interested in your thoughts on the setup.
cheers, and happy thanksgiving to all of you in the US of A.