iPad OS 14.0 BROKE Notes

I updated to iPad OS 14.0 yesterday and now Notes is not working at all. It not only won’t load iCloud notes, it won’t load locally stored notes either. Fortunately my notes are still on all my other devices, but they broke it good!

I have been on chat with them for an hour. They cannot figure it out yet either

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Oooh. That stinks, subscribing for updates…

Just to keep everyone up to date -

I was upgraded to one step below the engineers. I am currently attempting setting up my iPad as new and hoping the Notes come back. I will let you know.

I would NOT recommend updating to iPad OS 14.0 yet if you use Notes. Everything else that I have bumped into is working fine from what I can tell. I use Notes A LOT though.

Have you confirmed that your notes are still available on iCloud.com? If so, you might want to request a download just in case things go south. (It normally takes 2-3 days for Apple to prepare your data.)

To do this log into appleid.apple.com, scroll to the bottom of the page, click ‘Manage Your Data and Privacy’ and follow the instructions.

I confirmed that almost all of my notes were in iCloud on my iMac, MacBook and iPhone.

I am in the process of restoring my iPad Pro to a backup on 9/15. I will then turn off automatic updating and forgo iPad OS 14.0, even if my Notes don’t come back right now.

This is kind of a big thing for them to break.

I am in the process of restoring my iPad Pro to a backup on 9/15.

Are you aware that restoring a backup will not downgrade your version of iOS?

Or did Apple help you downgrade to iOS 13 while it’s still possible?

Maybe that’s what you meant with this? (I don’t understand that sentence)

I was upgraded to one step below the engineers.

That’s what I am trying to do, per the recommendation of their support.

Possibly the final update…I hope

I finished restoring my iPad to a backup prior to iPad OS 14.0. According to the system I am running 14.0 but my notes finally appear to be restored (after 6 frustrating hours and much support from Apple). I am missing some Notes that were on my iPad only. Mia culpa, I guess.

The bottom line is I don’t know what the update broke and neither do they, but it is working again. Hopefully nothing else broke that I haven’t discovered yet. Buyer beware.

“This is kind of a big thing for them to break”

It’s unfortunate that you had to go through that. However…I can attest that Notes is working absolutely fine on my iPad Pro with iPad OS 14. So did they “really” break Notes…or was your iPad have some underlying issue???

no problems for my 400+ note library on 14.0 ipad pro either.

No issues here…
800+ notes sync perfectly

For those that did not have any issues, I am glad that you did not have to go through what I experienced. For the record everything is still working fine since I had to completely restore my iPad. Apparently some people believe it was something I may have done that broke it. You are correct…I updated to iPad OS 14. That was the only thing I changed. My 4,948 notes were working fine until that update. It took 3 levels of support to get to the complete-restore solution that eventually fixed it.