iPad OS 16 - will you upgrade to M1?

I’m curious if anyone is thinking about upgrading to an M1 to take advantage of the new OS features that are M1 only?
I’m still on my 2018 11” pro and I don’t intend to upgrade.
What are your thoughts?

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I probably would have when I was more iPad focused, but after upgrading to a 14" MBP (from a 2011 MBA), I haven’t used my iPad as much for work. Now that my use is much more casual, there is less of a drive for the new multitasking & external display. That said, who knows once the next generation is out. If the 11" gets the improved display, I might anyway :slight_smile:

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I’m glad I upgraded from the 2018 to the M1 last year anyway, so in a sense, yes. I would probably be trying to figure out when the M2 iPad might release if I still had my 2018.

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AFAIK Stage Manager is the only feature that requires an M1.

I’m going to wait and see how it works for others in practice… but rather than upgrading my Mac, I may upgrade my iPad (for stage manager and external monitor support).

I am using the 2018 iPad Pro every day and the battery is feeling it. Will definitely be considering the next one, for sure. It will come down to pricing and budget, as usual :grinning:

Just discovered my capable Macbook Air 2017 isn’t getting the Ventura update at all, never mind any specific features, which I’m genuinely surprised at. I can obviously run with the old OS for a while without losing any current functionality, but it leads me to consider:

  • A newer Macbook (Air)
  • A newer M1 iPad
  • Microsoft surface (best or worst of both - I’m not sure)

(Mind you, if today you’ve bought a brand new Apple Watch 3 from the Apple store, you can be even more aggrieved that it won’t run watchOS 9).

No I am probably going to retire my IPad. I am waiting for the MacBook Air M2 to actually be orderable and will use that as my main machine.

I can’t see a scenario where I need my iPad Pro and a MacBook Air so best case I may upgrade to a basic iPad but not for a good while yet

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I believe you need an M1 to connect full screen to an external monitor (w/o bars)?

Apple may limit full screen to M1s, but it’s difficult to believe current hardware can’t display 16x9.

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My iPad is a 2014 iPad Air 2, so I’m going to be upgrading to use any iPadOS 16 feature :slight_smile:

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No, my 12,9 (3rd. Gen.) is about 4 years old, and I think it will be doing a good job for me for another 3+ years.
There is no need for an upgrade for the time being.


I am not an early adopter. I will likely wait on the M2 iPad Pro before I upgrade my iPad Pro 1st Generation. I’d especially appreciate having an easier time using my iPad to control my MBP while projecting lectures. Any significant improvements in this direction that depend exclusively on the M1 or M2 chip will push my upgrade sooner to reality.


I’m thinking about it. I have the 2018 12.9 inch iPad Pro. The battery has seen better days. For work, I always have to remember to make sure it is charged in the morning, if I have meetings that day, and charge during the day. And while I love the size, I’m also considering going down a size, so I have something to fit in my camera messenger bag. The new features would be a nice bonus, but not the main reason for me to upgrade.

I have two iPads. An original iPad Air and a 2018 iPad Pro (12.9").

I tend to wait awhile between upgrades.

The Air is used to run Touch Portal (who needs a Stream Deck!). During working hours the Pro is used with Universal Control as an adjunct to my Mac and I use it all day. After work I use it mainly for reading and web surfing. They both meet my current needs so I have no real reason to upgrade.

However …

My wife also likes to us the Pro. She is a teacher. And soon she’ll be off for the summer. So we may need another iPad. So if I’m gonna get another one it might as well be a M1. :slight_smile:

We’ll see …

As someone who regrets buying the M1 iPad Pro, I wouldnt. With no pro apps like FCP or LP, it’s hardly worth it for that pseudo windows setup. I have to admit that the M1 turns the pages of my comic books and magazines snappier, but I would probably be happy with the $300 iPad for that. Remember that no matter what ubercool names they give the “M1 iPad Pro with blah blah display”… it is still just an iPad.

I am steering all of my friends away from high end ipads now… just get the cheap one and use the rest of the money for a macbook Air.


Well, Evan - have you considered you might need to go UP a size in messenger bags? If a bag don’t fit my 12.9", I keep looking.

Great thread this far - seems we are falling quite squarly into either/or here, based on personal preference. Which can’t be debated much further…


If you’re thinking about getting a smaller camera messenger bag, that means you need more lenses for your current bag, not a smaller iPad. :wink:

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Here’s the list of M1 only functions:

That’s just a very complicated way to say what Stage Manager does…

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