iPad OS iWork or Office... two files at the same time?

I just updated my iPad Pro to iPadOS. I have managed to do the “two windows of the same app in one view” with some apps. However, where I most need this feature is in iWork or Microsoft Office files (for example to see two Pages or Power Point files at the same time).

I have not found a way to do it as I easily did with mail, notes, messages …
Perhaps these apps cannot use this feature, that will be a shame… however I may be missing something.
Is it possible?

Thank you.

Apps need to be updated to enable multiwindow support. It’ll probably take a while, but Microsoft is usually pretty good about supporting new iOS features. I suspect that will continue with iPadOS if you give them some time.

I’m a bit more surprised that the iWork suite didn’t get day one support for multiwindow. Have you checked for app updates?

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It seems there is not update for iWork today or Office, therefore it seems is not working on multiple windows. As you say, we need to wait. I hope they can soon let us do this! it is a big miss for productivity!

iWork updated with multiwindow support today.

Nice article on MacStories

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I’ve got a friend who uses Pages as his main text editor on iOS and was mad that Pages didn’t support dark mode. I just got set him up with the triple-button-click accessibility shortcut to invert colors and now this half-Dark-Mode update came out that makes it impossible to have an all-dark screen without disabling dark mode first, haha. At least it’s a Control Center shortcut.

(I agree with Apple’s logic here, for the record, as far as a document in Pages representing printed paper which is white. It’s the same arrangement for Pages and Word on macOS. And Notes is so good now.)

We only need to wait for Office… it would be great!