iPad PDF app with drag and drop selection as image?

I recently discovered that LiquidText allows you select a portion of a .pdf page, copy that portion, and then paste it into other apps (such as Ulysses) as an image.

Is anybody aware of another .pdf app that allows for this same behavior? I’d prefer not to use LiquidText because it requires a full import of the .pdfs it opens. (And yes, I understand that LiquidText needs to do that because of the other amazing things that it does. But I’m just looking for this single copy and paste as image functionality).


For grabbing part of a document to create an image to paste elsewhere, I usually really on iOS’s screenshot feature. I take a screenshot, then open the thumbnail that appears in the lower left corner of the screen – after taking the screenshot. I crop that, add to the clipboard. Easy then to paste wherever you want the image.

For apps that have built-in select-and-capture as image, I use GoodNotes 5, and ZoomNotes.