iPad Phantom touches

Does anyone else have an iPad Pro 12.9” that registers phantom touches on the screen? E.g.

  • I’m not even touching the ipad (it’s sat on the counter) and it registers a touch which makes something disappear.
  • I’m holding the ipad at the bottom and it registers a touch at the top of the screen (e.g. on an ad banner)

At first I though I’d accidentally tapped something whilst I was holding it, but this happens far too often across multiple apps to be a coincidence.

Do you, perhaps, have a Bluetooth device that is paired to your iPad?

I see this sometimes on my 2018 11" iPad Pro, no Bluetooth keyboard. It seems to happen less often now that I’m using the Magic Keyboard.

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I have a Brydge and Apple Pencil, but was am not touching either at the time.

I think it would be worth trying without those devices connected.

Ok, will do. Will let you know.

Yes i do have this on my ipad mini. No bluetooth devices paired with it. I think it is an ipadOS issue, there are just soo many bugs in this OS - programming for it is a chore sometimes.

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