iPad Pro 12.9” + small DSLR travel bag

Hey gang, I’m looking for advice on a good travel friendly sling or backpack that will accommodate my 12.9” iPad Pro plus my Sony a6000, additional lens and various chargers, batteries, keys, wallet, etc. Any recommendations?

My advice would be to look at gear marketed towards photographers first. The camera is far easier to break, and camera bags are generally better made than laptop bags. I’m very happy with Peak Design, but there are many good brands.


If you find a bag that you like that isn’t camera specific, you can get inserts for carrying cameras. I slip this into my laptop bag when I want to carry my Sony A7, but don’t need all of my camera gear.

There are probably better ones out there, but this fits what I need it for.

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I bought a Manfrotto Advanced Camera and Laptop Backpack: https://www.manfrotto.com/us-en/advanced-camera-and-laptop-backpack-travel-black-mb-ma-bp-trv/. It has no problem holding my Sony a6500 and assorted lens, iPad with assorted gear, and a light rain coat. I’m not sure how I feel about the straps and zippers; though the zippers seem better than what I’ve seen on Peak Design bags. My biggest complaint about the Manfrotto is, it screams camera bag.

My mail carry solution has become a ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20 (https://www.thinktankphoto.com/products/mirrorless-mover-20) that I throw into the main compartment of my NorthFace Overhaul 40 bag (https://www.thenorthface.com/shop/overhaul-40-backpack-cf9t).