iPad Pro (2018) photography/camera possibilities?

…somehow I’m in the market for a new iPad Pro. While falling in the review rabbit hole I wondered what’s possible with the rear camera.

Of course I know that a good photo depends mostly on ones own eye and is equally possible with a cardboard camera, as well as with a DSLR. Wanting to say: the technical side of things can be compensated by eye, lightning, editing capabilities and so on.

I searched flickr camera models as well as 500px but could not find images clearly associated with the new iPad Pro camera (besides test images, snapshots or review images).

I guess, what I’m asking is: has anyone come across images taken and edited with the new iPad Pro that you would send to a printer, display it around you or put it in a nice frame and make someone happy?

Just in case: I know that’s not the primary purpose of the device and of course, most have an iPhone or other device capable of much much more — I’m just curious… :wink:

12.9 appears to have had optical image stabilisation removed:


Interesting, I didn’t know about only the 1TB model receiving the extra 2GB of RAM. I saw the images within the GSMARENA article - and actually that was one of the articles that got me started on the wondering if people already took and edited some images to result in an interesting image.

I checked by ‘camera model’ and found a bunch of photos on Flickr.

Also check out the ShutterDial image search engine for Flickr:


Yes, but that seems to be a general category for “ipad pro” - I was looking specifically for the new 2018 model, which differs in specs to the preview model. I missed the differentiation on flickrs side.

Thanks for the shutterdial image search. Wasn’t aware of that… :slight_smile:

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