iPad Pro 2018 Smart Keyboard Folio Case - Does anyone actually like typing on it?

Tap shift and then type your letter :wink:


Have you turned off capitalization in keyboard settings?

I actually like typing on the 11” keyboard, it’s nice and “clicky” and feels responsive.
As I work on my ipad 90% of the time that is what is needed, so I’m happy as it is. (feels a lot better than the previous one)

The only thing is the function keys, I really miss those.

I used the old 12.9 keyboard for 2 years until I got the new one. Both are excellent. My list of pros:

  • it’s with you anytime you want it, without adding bulk/having to charge/pair, etc.
  • it’s fairly quiet
  • it’s pretty damn indestructable (you can spill on it, don’t have to fear crumbs or dust, etc.)

In short, it’s exactly what I want from a keyboard that is always with me.

Just started with my 11" iPad Pro today, and the smart folio cash. I used a 9.7" ipad for years with no keyboard, so getting used to the case and the keyboard is interesting. So far, I don’t like it. It keeps falling off the iPad :frowning_face:

I’m a writer (novels) and I love it. I can actually get some real work done on that machine. I’m not even sure I prefer the Magic Keyboards over it; to me, the less click and effort the better (I also love the butterfly keyboards).

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On my 12.9” the Smart Keyboard Folio is quite secure. I’ve got to work to get it off when I want the iPad separated from the case (same with folding up the keyboard). What are you doing where the case is falling off the iPad?

Pick it up from the table. Also, fold the keyboard behind the iPad – which it’s supposed to be designed to do. I’ve taken the thing off and will just use the new iPad without an external keyboard.

That’s odd, I have never had it pop off unintended like that. I can easily pick the iPad up and let the keyboard dangle, attached by just the magnets in the top 2/3 of the back case. Heck, I can pick it up by the keyboard and just let the iPad dangle, held on only by the back magnets (though I would only hazard this a short distance above a soft surface).

If yours is coming off so easily you might want to call Apple support about it or go to the Genius Bar.

Chris you have an 12.9", I have an 11" – the designs are probably different.

I love typing on mine (11”). I also had the smart keyboard for the last iPad (10.5”) and used it all the time. In fact, I wrote the bulk of a ~100 page thesis on it without issue!

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I have the 11” as well. And have no issues with the keyboard folio falling off at any time. In which situations does it do that for you?

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Mine doesn’t fall off my 11” iPad when picking it up or folding it behind. The only time it has ever popped off accidentally at all is when I had it sitting on a small metal refrigerator and the magnets stuck it to the top.

As advised earlier, you may want to take it to Apple.

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Oh my… another problem that has been annoying me fiercely - but which I’ve failed to actually look for a solution to.

I can now call it a week and enjoy the weekend knowing that this week I accomplished something really great! :smiley: Thanks!

As for the general question: I actually really like the keyboard. It’s a huge improvement from the previous generation of Smart Keyboard, and I type a bit slower than on my MBP or on my Magic Keyboard, but not significantly.

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Thanks for the replies. I took mine back to the Apple Store, they replaced it, but also said that “falls off” complaints are fairly common. “This keyboard is not for everyone” said the Apple guy at the Store. So, like anything else, it depends. I’m glad it works for some; doesn’t for me. The Logi Create I have for my ancient 12.9:” iPad is really solid and has a great keyboard, so I’ll migrate to Logi Create for the 11” if one gets introduced.

I can’t get this to work. Whether I type shift or not, whether caps are on or not, the first letter is always capitalized when using an external. I don’t want to disable auto-capitalization entirely, so I just type an extra letter at the start when I want to write all lowercase, but if there’s a way to make that shift-to-lowercase functionality work, I’d do it. :slight_smile:

That is super weird — I just tested this feature/setting on my iPad using my external keyboard and it works. Is what you are seeing (auto-capitalization OFF not working on external keyboards) consistent across a number of apps and websites?

Yes, it happens on everything. I can get rid of it by disabling auto-capitalization, but then nothing ever automatically capitalizes. I just want to, like Rosemary said, occasionally hold shift to start lowercase for a username or a sardonic text message.

To be clear, you’re tapping shift, releasing it, and then typing the letter which is then capitalised? That’s very odd.

Wow, that’s super weird, and I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you. Turning off auto-capitalization for external keyboards has been bulletproof for me — I never notice it malfunctioning. When I’m typing on glass, auto-capitalization is on and works.