iPad Pro 2020 freeze latest OS update?

My iPad is completely frozen. it’s updated to the latest OS and this morning after charging all night, it’s just stuck on the lock screen.

If I try to it turn off by holding down the buttons there is not reaction and I can’t get off the lock screen in any way.

Anyone else tried this? Or know how to turn off an iPad in another way?

Otherwise I have to wait until the power shuts off, which shouldn’t take long as the screen remains on unless I push the top button…

Very strange!

Forced restart has worked for me in the past.

Yeah it doesn’t react at all when I do that. It’s frozen for no reason. So when the battery runs dry it will probably be possible

I have an old iPad that did that. Unfortunately once it started it kept happening every few weeks. Hope that’s not the case with yours…

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Have you tried plugging it into a Mac?

There’s a recovery mode in … files, I think … though it might be in iTunes, if iTunes still exists.

Sorry for being vague, but I’ve done something like this before but it was a couple of years ago.

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Thanks. The battery ran out and now it works fine after rebooting.

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