IPad Pro 4K/HDR output - am I missing something?

I want to use my iPad Pro(2018) on a bedroom 4K UHD Tv instead of buying an AppleTv 4K.

I have tried what I think are all the combinations of cables, hub and adapters. See below. But, whatever combination I’ve tried I only see SDR in the external display settings.

  • Hyper 6-1 iPad Hub
  • Belkin USB C to HDMI
  • Apple “new” A2119 AV USB C adapter
  • 2 HDMI cables
  • Belkin USB C to USB C
  • Connected to LG 27” 4K UHD monitor (home)
  • LG 65” 4K UHD (home)
  • LG 4K tv at Apple store

I spent 30 minutes at an Apple store today with three staff trying to figure out why we don’t see a Dolby Vision or HDR options. They were completely stumped. One of the guy said it works for him at home.

To Apple’s credit they replaced my previous USB C AV adapter A1621 with the A2119 at no charge.

How did Federico Viticci get these settings using his on his 4K TV using Belkin USB C to HDMI?

I also have an LG B7 (OLED 4K) and I’ve noticed that on the TV itself, different picture options are shown when playing different content (all coming from my Apple TV). For example, if it’s not HDR content, I don’t see those options. Perhaps try playing some 4K Dolby content and then going into settings while it’s playing/paused. Maybe it has to detect the content before it shows the options. Also maybe try different HDMI inputs. I know my Input 2 offers ARC, but others don’t. Likewise, not all HDMI cables are the same.

Thanks, I guess we did not try playing content and then check the settings. As far as cable we tried 3 different 4K cables in the Apple store.

I’d like to bump this post. I’m connecting my 12.9 M1 iPad Pro to a 4K LG monitor via HDMI but only getting 2560x1440.

I know the cable and adapter are capable of doing 4K because I have no issues getting 4K via the same setup with my MacBook Air.

Any thoughts on how to get 4K on the iPad?