iPad Pro and Apple Keyboard - Charging?

Hey MPU,

I just wanted to validate something for myself that I wasn’t going crazy (or maybe I am).
When the Magic Keyboard is hooked up to the iPad, for those who charge to the keyboard directly. Does the USB-C fit snugly into the keyboard or does it pop out slightly?

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Mine seems to be a little straighter than yours, but it’s not flush.

Mine’s pretty close to flush.

Maybe see if you have any lint or some other foreign object in either the port or the end of the cable?

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I’ve noticed the same with mine, and it’s a bit loose too.
Will take photos tomorrow.

Mine’s pretty close too. Also kind of « clicks » into place (if that makes sense).

I think that is more a “Standard”, as the USB-C looks similar, if it is plugged in directly to my iPadPro, and it is as with almost all other cable that I can currently observe here from my position, that there is a small gab of a millimetre or so, between the device, and the plug-body.

On a somewhat related note, a few months ago I bought a magnetic USB-C adapter that I leave plugged into my Magic Keyboard. The two biggest upsides are that it saves wear and tear on that USB-C port because the adapter just stays plugged in all the time, and I now have an iPad Pro with DIY magsafe charging. This is the one I bought, in case anyone is interested.

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After much testing this week, different outlets, different wires, different adapters. It seems that the usb-c port on the keyboard doesn’t charge anymore. Unless I forcibly push the wire in more it then makes contact and starts charging, but after a while when the wire relaxes, it stops charging. I’ve tried various methods of cleaning the port and nothing seems to work.