iPad pro and external monitor on iOS 13

With iOS13, will the iPad pro be able to use a monitor as a second screen? Or does it still mirror the iPad screen? Does anyone know?
(have not had the chance to test this yet myself)

Mirror only for now.

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Apple could do this with the iPhone as well. This would dramatically cut back the sales of iMac’s and MacBooks dough…

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Sooooooo sad right now… :frowning:

Please explain sad about what?

Don’t get ahead of yourself. I don’t think “mouse support” in iOS is going to be what we would normally think of.

It is actually going to be included under Accessibility tools in Settings. From what I have seen, it appears to only allow someone who may have a difficult time touching commands on screen to be able to use a mouse to click where a user would otherwise touch.

Apple calling this “mouse support” is rather disingenuous. They have created all sorts of hype with this and when iOS ships and users find out the limitations, the forums are going to be filled with angry “Apple sucks” type messages…again!

Anyway, I would not advise rushing out to get an external monitor to use with mouse support. Unless Apple increases its functionality between now and release date, it is going to be very limited in its use. Honestly, I kind of doubt most people will use it at all once they see the limitations.

Exactly why we are not going to see this from Apple. It is not by accident that they still have no Mac with a touch screen display.

They are making it pretty clear that, at least for now, there is going to be a clear delineation between Mac and iOS hardware.

Down the road, who knows. They are bringing ARM architecture to Macs and project Marzipan is seeking to make iOS apps function fully in a desktop environment. So it seems very possible that we will see these devices blended into one at some point…but it still appears to be several years off at the earliest.

Actually, to be clear, Apple has not created any hype on this. They’ve said from the very beginning that this was an accessibility feature. In fact, as I recall, it was not mentioned on stage at all. All the hype has been created by podcasters and other pundits in the tech sphere.

Now, all that said, as I type this I am using a mouse with my iPad Pro on the beta and it works fantastically. I won’t use it all the time but when I’ve got my iPad up on a stand as it is now or if I’m using an external monitor, well, that’s when it’s very handy. And, I’ll say, it works EXACTLY as a mouse should. The only difference is that it is not the pointed arrow cursor we are familiar with. Rather, it’s a dot within a gray circle. Not only useable but in my experience, with the exception of the dot in a circle difference it works just as I’d expect.

Set-up takes 2 minutes. I plugged in the Logitech usb dongle then turned on assistive touch in settings. That took. About a minute. Then I set up the other buttons which took an additional 2 minutes. Honestly, it took less time to setup on my iPad than on my Mac as on the Mac it required 2 downloads from Logitech. No downloads required on the iPad.

So, to be clear, this works like any mouse attached to a Mac. There are no limitations. A mouse with extra buttons can be set to do different things. My center scroll wheel is also a button and goes to the home screen. My right click is control center. Left click is tap. The two other buttons open up the app switcher and bring up the dock. Lots of other options to choose from so I’m not sure I’ll stick with these. But all very quick and convenient to have!


Denny, good to hear directly from someone who is actually using this feature during the betas. Thanks for giving us your first hand experience. :+1:t2:

It is sad that it does not allow a second ipad screen, or an app on another screen. Means it can’t be my eork computer just yet for the full 100%

If you’re wanting to use an external monitor (mirrored from the iPad) and want to have a mouse/trackpad that can control the cursor, without having to look at your iPad screen and use a finger or pencil for cursor placement, it works. It also works on just the iPad while using a text editor and external keyboard without having to reach up to your iPad on the stand, which is nice. But it’ll be fantastic if it ever gets multi-window support. I’ve used it with my first gen iPad 12.9 on iPadOS 13ß2-3. I lift it up with a Roost stand and a Moki case, which keeps me from hunching over the desk while typing.


How high does the roost lift it? How does the iPad fit in the roost (which is designed for a laptop, right)? This is a big stopping point for me with iPad—having to look down at it on a desk

It holds the iPad up pretty nicely, but since it’s designed to hold a laptop base and have the screen up above that, it’s not as high as it is with a laptop. Here’s the iPad with just the case folded back flat. Wound up propping it on a book, since it holds it so far back.

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Then, I got the bright idea to fold the case into Keyboard position. The Roost still grips it firmly (if you tilt it to the side, it won’t fall out!), but boosts the screen to a good angle for reading/typing. I can (and have) worked with it in this position for hours at a time.

Note the regular-sized iPad leaned up against the front bumper of the Roost.

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Highly recommended. Folds down smaller than my travel umbrella.

Ah! Found the shots I was looking for earlier!