iPad Pro app for creating forms for use with Apple Pencil

I am a pilot and have for many years used a printed form for recording data during my flights. I would like to do-away with paper and am looking for recommendations for an iPad app where I can create my boilerplate form and enter the data with the Apple Pencil during the flight. It would be great if this application would keep these forms chronologically for future reference in a workbook format.

Dave Ovad

You could create the form in Pages and save as a PDF then use that to create a template in Good Notes. For organizing, you could create a notebook and add a new template page for each copy of the form, or you could create a folder and make each form it’s own notebook. Or some combination, depending on your preference. Good Notes support for the Pencil is excellent.


I’ll give this a try! THANKS!

Check out their youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/GoodNotesApplication/videos

I second the vote on GoodNotes. This app is without a doubt ideal for this use case. I have crated all manner of forms and built notebooks around them. What is great is when you create a new page, it will automatically make it the same form. Now, if you have a multi-page form, you have to handle it differently. But it is still easy, convenient, and really elegant to use.

Interesting point about multi-page forms. I guess the options are to add each template page (page 1, page 2, etc) or make a notebook with the multiple forms in it and copy that notebook so it is in effect a “template” notebook. How do you handle it? @iPersuade

GoodNotes is good, but if your records management requirements are a bit stricter, then I’d suggest looking into using Tap Forms, so you can create your own database of forms and make reports from them, and use Tap Forms with the Mazec keyboard app. There are other handwriting-to-text keyboards but I find Mazec the most accurate.

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There is actually a pretty simple way to handle this. When you save pages in Good Notes, you can organize them into categories/folders. If I have a multi-page form, i just add each page from the folder I have them saved in. Now, I’m not sure what I’d do if I had a 10-page form that had to repeat. If that, I’d probably create a template notebook and just copy the pages or copy the notebook. In practice, the forms I’ve been using in GoodNotes are no more than three pages.

Forgive the slow reply, I was away from MPU Talk for a while.

So, you manage these as individual Notebook Pages, and just add new pages using the current PDF template?

SOLVED: I could not find any way to add the PDF to the Template section in GoodNotes though.

UPDATE: It was a bit tricky to find in the app, but a quick Google search took me straight to the how-to video on YouTube

Thanks for sharing, this looks like it can be ready useful!

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