iPad Pro Dock Options?

Hi All,

My daughter has an iPad Pro (12.9 in 3rd gen) that she’s been using as her primary computer to participate in distance learning (she’s 12/7th grade). She’s asked about using an external monitor and I’m looking for a dock-like situation that I can set up for her that would both charge her iPad, allow it to connect to an external monitor, and maybe even allow her to connect a hard drive for backup, etc.

I’ve seen the HyperDrive USBC adapter that is supposed to work with iPads as well as Macs.

Anyone have experience with this or other similar devices?

Does this or similar devices broadcast the monitor from the iPad or is it possible to set an external monitor up as a separate workspace (like side by side monitors on a Mac)?

Thanks all!


By default, an external monitor will just mirror what’s on the iPad’s screen. It’s possible for specific apps to include the capability to show something else on the external display (think Keynote showing the presentation on the external monitor and presenter notes on the iPad’s display) but the external display is non-interactive (you can’t move the pointer over on it if you’re using a trackpad and it doesn’t respond to touch even on a touch enabled display).

I use the Apple USB-C adapter with my iPadPro. But if you would like some more advanced ideas perhaps this YouTube channel would be helpful.