iPad Pro Dock Suggestions

Hi Fam,

So… I asked about hubs in the past.

I’m now rocking a 11" iPad Pro and am looking for a versatile hub that I can take in my daily carry bag. Any of you have good direct experience with the hubs that plug in and have pass through power but also offer various ports (HDMI, USB, etc.)? Any that you recommend?

The YouTube hawkers have a lot of recommendations but… I’d love the experience of actual users.



I’ve been using the CalDigit USB-C Gen2 10Gb/s SOHO Dock for the past year. My reason for choosing that particular hub was that it offers DisplayPort in addition to HDMI plus’s all the usual ports USB C, USB A, pass through charging, audio out. Works great with the iPad via USB C.

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That’s a nice one.

Hindsight being 20/20, after shopping a lot via Amazon, I’m hoping for something that has USB C (at least 2 - one for power, another for accessories), one USB A, at least HDMI, and a headphone port. It doesn’t need 9 inputs or anything. This is promising! Thank you!

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I use this one, pretty minimal, but the right number of ports for me

Hyper USB-C

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I have the OWC Thunderbolt 4 dock and highly recommend it.

At home, I now have my iPad Pro docked on a MagFit stand connected to this hub. The hub connects me to my 27” display, mouse, keyboard, Ethernet, and charging cables. It has turned my iPad into a truly modular workstation.

I’ve also considered this one by Razer.


I had my heart set on this one from CalDigit, but there were some issues that people complained about around the time I was deciding. I believe those issues have since been resolved with a firmware update:

I’m looking for a second one for my office. I’m leaning on trying either the CalDigit TS4 or the Razer. But the OWC has been working like a gem for me; so, I may just stick with tried and true.

Also, as a portable hub, like @csf111, I use one from Hyper.

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Hi @BiggKhalil,

I’ve had one of these for a few years now and love it. My only issue with the original hardware was no support for 4k 60Hz (only 30Hz), however they’ve since rev’d the hardware to address this issue.

It comes with a few different mounting kits, so you can use it attached flush to your iPad (or MacBook etc) or via a short cable.

The ONLY thing that you might like to consider, if you are really going to plug things into your iPad all the time, something with a longer USB cable option might be better. This looks good to me (two different configs).

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Nice - at home I’ve been using a OWC Thunderbolt 3 that my iPad and sometimes my MBP get plugged into and a CalDigit TS3 that is my main dock for my computer. I’m going to give the 3rd one a good look. Thank you!

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Thanks - I’ll give these a look too! Nice!