iPad Pro Gear I've bought to simplify recording lectures at home

This is my current setup. I find I prefer iPad for lectures. I’m trying to do no more than 15 mins. I know many recommend 5 mins, but I haven’t figured out how to chunk my content into 5 mins yet. I’d love to hear what you all do.

Explain Everything (EE) to record and show lecture. I export my ppt or keynote to pdf then import it into this program (you can also start from scratch here). EE has some helpful (but limited) editing tools. You can even click on the “mix” option and add in markings or audio you forgot on the first round of recording. When I finish I then upload to YouTube directly from EE.

I use Drafts to compose my email to students or LMS posts. EE will give you the link for the YouTube video after uploading it. I grab the links and post them into Drafts. When I don’t grab the link immediately, I always find my self spending more time than I should looking for the video on my YouTube channel.

Power De Wise Lapel Mic

Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. This way I can use the lapel microphone and earphones at the same time.

USB adapter. I use the Apple VGA Adapter. Anything that provides access to a USBC really. I might experiment with using the hdmi adapter so I can see the iPad screen on my larger monitor as I make videos.

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I’m using Explain Everything now and it works really nicely as you said.
When GoodNotes adds a recording feature I could switch though.

Unfortunately, EE doesn’t detect my Scarlett pre-amp when plugged in to my iPad, so I’m not making full use of the audio recording. I’ve emailed them to see if they can enable that, but currently I’m recording audio on my Mac and then editing. That does have the benefit of meaning I don’t get the pencil tapping sounds, it just greatly increases the time taken.

So, whichever app updates first will probably get my vote for good.

With my videos, I’m putting them together in Final Cut to boost the volume and remove background noise using the Izotope RX7 Elements plugins, and it sounds good.

I know the Scarlett Solo audio interfaces require more power than an iPad with Lightning connector can deliver and need to connect them through a powered hub. The Focusrite site should confirm this. (iPads Pro with USB-C, on the otherhand, ought to be able to properly power the interfaces assuming you have the right connector.)

I initially connected my iPad to a mac then used screenflow to capture the iPad but record audio using the microphone connected to my mac. It was nice to ge the noise reduction from screenflow, but I’m wondering if it’s worth the pay off in the end. Having an ability to quickly turn around videos may be my priority given the switch to online classes.

On another note, I switched to using a Yeti microphone on the iPad. The lapel mic audio was not great. I might still use it if I’m ever traveling but when at home I think i’ll stick to the iPad.

I did run into an annoying issue with EE tonight. Once they reach their YouTube upload limit for their API, you can’t upload any more videos to YouTube through their application. Instead you need to download to photos then upload on YouTube. Not that big of a deal, but thought I’d share that.

Thanks for starting this wonderful thread. Over the years, I’ve tried several different approaches to recording teaching videos. Initially I used a Wacom graphics tablet, USB mic, drawing program and a screen recorder which turned on every fan in my black MacBook. That fan is in the early videos. Including editing, the whole process could take me 2 hours for a 15 minute video.

The iPad is an all in one device for this. I now use Vittle by qRayon. It has 80% of what I need. The ability to pause (to gather my thoughts) and restart the recording eliminates the need to edit later.

Though GoodNotes doesn’t not have a recording feature, the iPad can record the screen.

Many thanks for this. I tried Vittle but stopped because I couldn’t import pdfs, which is vital for my workflow.

I now see that the Pro version allows that, so I might try it since this is one of the apps that does let me use my external pre amp to record.

Explain Everything lets me Import videos to annotate over as well though…