iPad Pro M4 Thoughts

So I’ve been using this 13” M4 iPad Pro now for a few hours. My impetus to upgrade wasn’t that it’s new and shiny this time around but that my 2018 12.9” Pro was on its last legs. The battery lasts only a few hours and the screen has started to discolour I presume because the optical lamination adhesive has slowly baked over time.

A few quick thoughts:

  • The thin and light thing is not overblown, and unboxing was a real WTF moment, especially handling the two iPads together.
  • I’ve missed a couple of screen generations so that in particular is a big jump and the older screen looks like a bad joke now :joy:
  • The keyboard initially seems a bit difficult to open but there’s just a kind of knack to it. If you open it like a book, instead of a laptop, something in the hinge mechanism makes it kind of glide open, and it also locks in place requiring just a little extra pressure to start the closing action.
  • Making the pen “click” is my new fidget toy.
  • It feels significantly more rigid than the 2018 model.

I went all white, 256Gb (with 3 performance cores and 8Gb RAM) and love the way the keyboard looks closed.


Admittedly this is not an un-compelling reason for me to get one… I have been thinking about getting/making a begleri, and this iPad is only a little more expensive than some options there.

That, and this:


Please do outline some negatives. I’m currently on the verge of deciding to do an 800 km roundtrip on a bus across three countries to go to the nearest  Store as the prices in Croatia are crazy overblown as usual, and trade-in values for my old one are abysmal.

Some negatives would, therefore, help. Is anything even remotely wrong with it? Bluegate? Bendgate? Anything? :joy:


Haha controlling your lights is brilliant! :joy:

I cannot justify a new iPad or a new pencil as I only bought one a few months ago, but the pencil calls to me….

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I keep finding it works in unexpected places…



@MacBookHipster could I please request a few gifs of other things?

  1. The palette that supposedly has a button to run a shortcut.
  2. Changing line thickness in e.g. Apple notes.

So I don’t know about a palette for triggering a shortcut but you can set the squeeze to run a shortcut (and therefore a shortcut that is a menu of shortcuts if you so choose I guess).


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Another neat little thing. The Pencil Pro does a haptic version of the AirPods ‘sad noise’ when the battery gets low.

So the biggest negative for me is Squarespace. I use squarespace for my personal website, and it looks great and viewing it on iOS/iPadOS is fantastic.

It cannot be reasonably edited on a touchscreen device. The iOS and iPadOS apps are an unmitigated diaper fire. The web interface doesn’t work on a touch device even if you add a trackpad or mouse. Just an absolute embarassing mess that Squarespace should be ashamed of.

Figured some folks might want to see this. I know my screen is dirty, but this is real world, not cleaned up for a photo. I live in Florida get a ton of sun, especially at work. Those are nano-texture studio displays above the iPads as a decent comparison of etched vs chemical.


My last iPad was a 2017 10.5” iPad Pro, and this is a big step up from that. Love the Magic Keyboard (I’m typing on it now). Stage Manager seems surprisingly nice. ‘

This iPad Pro complements my Macs, which remain my primary drivers, but fills a couple important roles in my workflows. Looking forward to using it often.


I enabled Tap to Click in the Trackpad settings. So much better now.


And turning off backwards scrolling was a win for me too.

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That’s the first thing I do in a Mac. There is nothing natural about Natural Scrolling on macOS.

But in the iPad so far, haven’t found the need to enable it.


This is always the first thing I disable on Windows machines. Tap to click messes me up.

I’m so used to natural scrolling now that when I play a game that has classical scrolling it makes my brain hurt.


I guess I’m the odd one here. I like tap to click and natural scrolling.



Try running a Windows server remotely from a Mac using Natural Scrolling :grinning:.

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You aren’t the only one. I have both turned on as well.

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Natural scrolling is fantastic on a touch pad, as soon as a scroll wheel enters the picture it’s absolutely horrid.

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This is such a conflict for me, I rarely use RDP with most things being web interfaces, but when I do… :skull_and_crossbones: