iPad Pro... purchasing in store. Stock question

In Canada, when you purchase the new iPad online you cannot pick up your item in store. Odd. And even though I work from home (marriage therapist in private practice), I can not leave a session to grab my new toy (much as I would like to).

So, what are the chances the iPad Pros (& 2nd generation Pencil) will be sold out if I go to the Apple Store on Thursday? Curious to hear others’ experiences.

Glad to be part of this community.

They’re not doing in-store pickups of preorders in the US either.

Any idea if stores will have stock past Nov 8?


Hard to say.

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I’d hate to bike down to my local store and end up sobbing like my 3 year old.

You run your own business, so I would suggest reaching out to the business department at your local Apple store and asking them to put one aside for you - this might work better if you have a pre-existing relationship with them, but it’s been helpful for me in the past.

You can find details on Apple’s Canadian business team here: https://www.apple.com/ca/retail/business/


So I spoke with an Apple sales rep - he told me to place an order Wednesday morning and the option to pick up in store will be available then. That’s all they can do for me right now. Thanks for the idea.

You’re welcome! It’s been great to work with them, as I have someone “inside” I can directly talk to about either my needs or needs of clients.

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Experience with XR, next day to launch, all colours and sizes were available.

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