iPad Pro screen issue

Today, I’ve noticed a screen hot spot on my 10.5" iPad Pro. It’s about the same size as the home button, and is positioned centrally about two inches from the iPad bottom edge (portrait). It’s really noticeable when scrolling a page with a white background in landscape. I’m very conscious of it when scrolling through this forum’s pages, for example. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

Over in the 10.5” iPad Pro reliability thread someone actually did have that exact issue here probably best to just take it to the apple store as it sounds like a hardware fault

Thanks Ben. I’d missed that comment. Looks like a trip to the Apple store is in order.

Huh. I’m starting to wonder if I should take a trip there too. I haven’t done that because on mine it isn’t nearly as noticeable (in fact, for a day or two I thought it was just the way the light was hitting the screen or my imagination) and I don’t think they’d believe me. But even if they did, I don’t have Apple Care on the iPad, so I figure I’m pretty much out of luck at this point, more than a year after I bought it. :pensive:

One very happy chappie writing this - iPad replaced, even though Apple warranty expired on June 17th. Thought you’d like to know…that trip to the Apple store may still prove worthwhile.


Very glad it worked out for you!

My story–not so much. I also went to the Apple Store. Initially, I called up Apple support and they talked me through some stuff and then made the appointment for me. Thankfully, none of this is a big deal for me, as I have an Apple Store in my city.

When I went in, a genius looked at the problem, and acknowledged that he could see a variance in colour at the location I indicated which was very minor (I agree with this assessment, BTW; I was a little worried that no one could see it but me and they’d think I was nuts but he did see it, point it out and offer the same ideas that I had without telling him, such as that you can see it better when scrolling black text over a white background).

I mentioned that I had read on a forum that the issue may be caused by battery swelling, which he found interesting.

He then ran a full diagnostic of the iPad and everything came back as normal, including the battery. And, that was about it. He did say that they could replace the screen out of warranty, but that was all they were prepared to do for me.

So, I’m home with the same iPad. :man_shrugging:

Maybe it depends upon the severity of the problem, or the Apple rep you get when you go in, or the phase of the moon, or who knows what. In any case, it was worth trying, but Apple didn’t do anything for me at the end of the day. Alas.