iPad Pro w iOS 13.1.2 - issues opening .pdf files on Dropbox

We presently use Dropbox for most of our cloud storage, recently I’ve been unable to open some .pdf files stored there. All the files I’m referencing are quite small, in the low kb range.

The problem cannot be predicted- sometimes a file opens, sometimes not. Our Internet connection is good- I’ve tested it. Further and finally, these files open readily (and quickly) on my Mac.

Any ideas? I’ve done several restarts, not sure what to do next.

Update since original post: it had not occurred to me to use another app, like the Dropbox app, on the iPad to open files stored in Dropbox. This simple effort works- any file I try to open does so- but not true when I try to open files directly in the Files app. Sometimes that works, other times not. And on the same file.

Any file I’m having trouble opening through the iPad Files app stored in Dropbox opens fine on a Mac OR opens fine using the Dropbox app on the iPad.

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