iPad Protective Case

I’m searching for a protective case for my 10.5. Found $60 case pictured below (Urban Armor Gear). What’s working for you?


Khomo. $13.75 on Amazon. I’ve bought this brand/case going back to my 2nd-gen iPad mini.


But it you’re willing to spend that type of money on a protective case take a look at the $59.99 Zugu case.


This ESR case was about the only case I could get when I purchased my 10.5” iPad Pro:

Since it was cheap I bought it with the intention to buy a nicer one later when more cases would become available, but I never did, since the case turned out to be good (enough).

EDIT: sorry, I missed “protective”… (though so far this case has been protecting my iPad good enough)

I have been using the UAG model that you had found for the last 1.5 year for my iPad mini 4 and I am really happy with this. It has given a sound protection, and the use was very good.

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Ended up with the ZUGU case

Tried three cases

  • MoKo great protection on corners, screen, and back plus its inexpensive. The downside is the case is a tight fit. The felt that wraps the closure hook erodes away. Moko replaced the first one but the second one had similar problems. Somehow the clasp picked up a “stone” caught in wrinkled felt put a dimple in the metal rim. I suspect a 32nd of an inch of more hinge space would eliminate the problem. Tried a couple home remedies. …because the case is well though out otherwise.

  • Tried FYY Case in canvas with small carry strap but the bottom edge where I sweep up to get the dock was partially obstructed. (Sent it back for refund did not try another.)

  • Then I tried the ZUGU case, the expensive one — $60 US. Excellent fit overall … corner, screen, and back protection. I chose red and black colors. …keeping this one. The multi angel kick stand works at all angles. (The last setting toward flat is least secure but works for me.) Becides price, another dowside is soft fabric is attached to the case. When flipped into stand mode this fabric goes on the table. Definitely wipe debris off the table first so there is no transfer to the screen when the case is closed.

The case has a streachy net pencil holder on the back. Seems to work but there is no retention for cap. I may modifiy it with velcro and a MoKo pencil case I already have. …more use will tell.

The folded case fits in my Lamicall iPad stand.

BTW MoKo cases work on my older andriod tablets. Solid protection and function at a resaonable price. A MoKo folio style case may be an alternative for the iPad.


I’ve always been a fan of the Apple Silicon back cases (or the full covers when they used to make those). For my 9.7" iPad Pro I’m really happy with this Poetic TPU clear case. It’s soft and grippy, holds the pencil and the cap, and allows the Smart Keyboard to be used. It also has a minor detail that I appreciate much like Apple’s silicon back cases did. The speaker grill holes are circles matched up with the iPad instead of a big oval cut out.

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Not sure the exact models but I have Urban Armor Gear cases on three iPads and am quite happy with them. The models for the iPads Pro have a removable cover to support the Apple Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. Maybe not the sleekest or thinnest but they are fairly rugged.

They (UAG) were on my list… Just was not willing to keep ordering and returning.

My local Best Buy carries UAG cases in-store. Might be worth a check if you have one local.

Thanks Joe it’s a 100 mile round trip. If the feds are right at .50 cents a mile … So no local. Mostly pleased with the situation…:slight_smile:

I like the Pad and quill journal type cases. Not the full protective case but the one with the sides exposed. It has worked well for my 9.7 iPad Pro.

Here’s an interesting case for iPad 11 on Kickstarter. It uses the magic keyboard. It holds the pencil securely. And the keyboard detaches. Looks kind of bulky, but I like the innovative ideas they’re coming up with.