iPad Second Screen apps

Armed with a new HDMI switch I have my original iPad Pro 12.9” plugged into an external monitor. (I also have my Mac plugged in to the same switch.)

I know MindNode can do something fancy with the second screen. But what other apps can use the second screen - not as a mirror of the iPad screen?

GoodNotes does! It has a presenter view which is pretty handy.

This never occurred to me. Could you share a link to the HDMI switch you use?

This is the one I bought:

At £13 it’s not badly priced.

(At this stage I don’t need the 4K :frowning: or 3D.)


So rather using USB C to USB C, I assume you’re using the HDMI Dongle?

That’s correct. I have a (powerable) Lightning to HDMI adapter.

I needed to have one for work anyway.