iPad - showing group of photos - keeping rest private

I wanted to pass round an iPad with some photos (but to lock the rest of the machine). Is there a way that a group of photos can be shown and other bits such as email are not in reach of those looking at the photos?

Have a look at Guided Access. You will find it in Settings > General > Accessibility. Scroll to the bottom of this section to find the option.

I used it in the past with my godson. We put on YouTube Kids and then I used guided access to stop him pressing the home button by accident when he held the iPad. He could choose different videos to watch but could not choose another app to open.

Hope this is useful for you.


Thanks so much - will look tonight. Love your union jack!

I use guided access so my cat can watch squirrel videos and not have access to my email.

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There’s an app called MicroAlbum which you share photos to so that when people swipe around they can’t see all of your photos, this combined with Guided Access sounds like exactly what you need.

Guided access won’t restrict the photos that are viewable, anyone holding the iPad would be able to swipe through your entire photo library.