iPad “Teleprompter” for Zoom presentation

I’ll be teaching a class via Zoom tomorrow night from notes written in OmniOutliner (but could as easily export them to Markdown etc.

I recently built an iPad teleprompter out of a conference folder and the glass from a picture frame.

Now that Sidecar exists, is there a good software solution to have my notes in front of my webcam in a way that I can scroll through them with my mouse or some other desk-based peripheral, so that I can effectively look into the camera most of the time?

I was thinking Keynote would be the closest thing, so that I can reverse the text, but I’m scared that it’ll exit Presenter Mode if I click on something else. Perhaps a reversed PDF?

Presenter mode in Keynote has worked fine for me for the last 3 weeks (x2 x2 = 12 sessions). I run Keynote with Duet and my iPad and share the iPad (as as second monitor) via Zoom. Then I have presenter notes on my computer in front of me and the students watch the slides. The only trick is that you need to share the 2nd screen before you start playing in Keynote.

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Don’t know if this would suit you but I’ve been using the free version of Parott.

Me too, it was the best I found for controlling speed.
I don’t use it when talking to the camera though as I haven’t figured how to do that and still look normal.