iPad very very slow to join Google WiFi

My 12.9” iPad Pro (2018) does great on WiFi in general but if I’m at Starbucks and want to use their (Google) WiFi it is painful. In Settings I quickly get the check mark next to the Google hotspot but then it just sits there and doesn’t take the next step to login for a very very long time (>5 minutes, maybe never). I usually just give up and switch to tethering to my iPhone. I’ve seen this for a month now at the same Starbucks location and don’t notice anyone else having trouble.

Has anyone found a solution for this? I noticed that “Auto login” is enabled for Google WiFi in the Settings and wonder if that is broken possibly? I was going to try to remember to disable that next time I visit because the first time I joined on the new iPad it worked ok. Keep forgetting though.

It might be having an existential crisis? (“should I, or should I not join the evil corp network?”) :wink:

These things are easy to test. Click the “i” next to the network and in the settings dialog for that network turn off Auto-Join and click “Forget this network”. Reboot the iPad just to be sure caches are cleared. Then join the network. If you activate Auto-Join and the next time you are near that network you have the problem, then you will know to not use Auto-Join for that network.