iPad will not back up to iCloud

My iPad has not backed up to iCloud in 3 weeks. I have plenty of space (2TB on the premium plan). I have called Apple Support and a senior advisor had me do several things (re-start, sending them files, etc.) and then referred it to engineers. This has gone on since week 2 of not backing up and they don’t have a solution yet. Any ideas?

I assume you might have tried logging out of iCloud on the device, waiting a few minutes – or shutting down and rebooting – and then logging back in?

Log out/in has fixed the same problem for me in the past.

Another possible fix is to use Settings > General > Reset > Network, which can fix underlying communications issues that might prevent iCloud backups.

Worst-case fix is to Reset All Settings, which is drastic and not recommended if you do not have a current iCloud backup for the iPad to recover data from.

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No one is surprised when iCloud doesn’t work. The only thing I can suggest is to backup/(continue to backup) your iPad to your Mac in case a total rebuild is in your future. Good luck.

Have re-done the first two again, just to be sure. Am going to back up to my MBP in a bit.
I have my phone backed up to the cloud and almost all of my data and apps are replicated there. Have never had this happen for such a long time.