iPad with smart folio keyboard issue with cmd-space search function

Has anyone experienced this:

on my 11" iPad Pro with smart folio keyboard I have issues with the cmd-space search function
When I press CMD-Space to search via spotlight I cannot enter text. I always have to ALT-Tab between apps and then press CMD-Space and it will allow entry.

I guess it has to do with the app I’m in not releasing keyboard focus?

I have seen it a few times (iPad Pro 12.9” with smart folio case). From recollection, mine seems to have been when I have the dock displayed when activating search.

Have similar issue with iPad 11 with smart folio. Sometimes when I press command + space nothing happens to all. To solve that I lift the bottom of the iPad from the case and place it back. Anyway after maybe half an hour my command space will be broken again. However, when command space works, I need still maybe wait a few seconds before I can start typing.