iPad with Trackpad - what advantages?

When I got my currrent iPad (2020 Pro) I wasn’t interested in the Magic Trackpad - but now with Universal Control available, I’m wondering if there are use cases where using a trackpad beats the touchscreen on iPad.


Not having smudges on my screen is so, so, so much better :slight_smile: I love my iPad but I utterly loathe fingerprints on the screen. Also I find text selection much easier.

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I ordered one of these for my iPad and it is one of the best accessories I have ever had for the iPad. It eliminates fingerprints almost completely and the iPad becomes much more usable outside in brighter light. It is more of a matte finish so there is a bit of a muted affect on the color. But well worth the tradeoff in my opinion.


The Magic Keyboard took care of the finger print issue, but that might be worth looking into just for the glare. Thanks!

I use a stand for the iPad by my comfy chair and have the keyboard and trackpad in a “Magic Bridge” in my lap. Way comfortable for remote meetings or any kind of work you do on your iPad.

In the never-ending back and forth between tablet and laptop users, MacBook owners everywhere just smiled.


When I owned an 11" iPad Pro I had the Magic Keyboard. I found using the trackpad on that really intuitive and useful when the iPad was attached, but never considered using a standalone trackpad with it ever. My thinking was if I’m using the keyboard, the trackpad makes sense, as it’s in the same plane and just like using my Mac. Otherwise, I had no problem with a touch screen device when I didn’t need a keyboard for significant typing. :man_shrugging:

I’ve run a separate keyboard and trackpad with an iPad mounted in a stand to get it up to a more ergonomic eye height (or an external monitor for the same purpose).

I did try an external keyboard (the original compact Bluetooth one from Apple, which I had lying around) but without a semi-permanent setup I found it to be a chore. But then, I’m one of those ‘Mac first’ people. I use my iPad mini (last of the rectangular screen generation) for those times I don’t need to type a significant amount of text and/or I’d prefer to lounge somewhere.

I’m slightly jealous of people who get a lot of stuff done on iPads, but my brain (and perhaps my use cases) mostly stopped me doing that, even with the Pro and Magic Keyboard. At least the Apple Silicon generation of Macs have made the laptops far more portable with the insane battery life.

Trackpad can be better in situations where you’re also using the keyboard. For example, two finger scrolling on this thread while typing this comment, and adjusting the cursor position an inch or two while typing this comment. When not adjusting while typing, or when moving long distances or making precise movements, touch tends to work better.

Outside of heavy typing situations, I think the touch paradigm on iPad still results in more original work and is more fun to use than the trackpad.

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