iPadOS 13 - safe & stable?

What’s the verdict on installing 13.1 on an iPad Pro that I use “to pay for my shoes?” Is it stable enough? Or should I wait for the next point-release?


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May be just me. WiFi worked initially. Now refuses to connect. On a 10.5… running 13.1

Found the problem app update messed up the connection … needed to approve up grade

I’ve upgraded multiple phones and multiple iPads (from small ones to a couple of new Pros) and I’m not having any major issues. Only a couple of minor things that don’t disrupt usage. YMMV.

I also use my iPad to pay for my shoes every day. Things are mostly ok, but there are definitely still some bugs. The biggest question for you is whether the apps you rely on have been updated for 13 yet or not.

I’ve been running the beta for months now, and have had no issues. App support is still in progress, so you might need to look at the apps you need to use for their compatibility.

Ehhh, I’m seeing too many bugginess reports (keyboards, Mail, etc). I can wait.

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Yep, i am finding lots of bugs. Usable, but with some limitations.

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My iPad Pro Apple Pencil 2 only keeps its connection when it is attached magnetically. As soon as I pull it off, it disconnects. :face_with_monocle:

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If your iPad is critical to your work or you don’t have time to spend on resolving issues then I’d strongly consider holding off on upgrading for a while.

There are still lots of bugs. Many are cosmetic (misplaced UI elements etc), but some can be a real productivity killer (e.g. I spent over an hour resolving an email sync issue).

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I have an iPad Air and iPad Mini. No problems whatsoever. I lost a WiFi connection for about a half hour. I cannot remember the last time that’s happened but that could be a coincidence!

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Sound’s like we’re best waiting on 13.2

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I will add. This keeps happening on mine. One of many “what now features” that keep popping up. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

I had my first play with multiple windows support on iPadOS in an Apple Store this afternoon. This was only a few minutes and I wasn’t deliberately going “bug hunting”, but rather just playing with the multi-window interface.

Admittedly the gestures are going to take a considerable about of time to get used to - their is significant subtlety in the smallest swipe - but I’m now positing itching to try it out for real.

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Like your using the word usable as an adjective. Me too…

How is 13.1.3? Any more usable?

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I can’t yet speak for more usable or not. I can say that the first seven attempts to download failed. Restarted ipad, the eighth attempt just worked.

iPhone download went smoothly.

I’d say things are steadily improving through the updates, but there are still issues (mail in particular is periodically problematic for me).

Whether you upgrade really comes down to your priorities.

If you want the most stable environment then I think you’re still best to stay on 12 for a while longer.

If you’re keen to try the new features and don’t mind dealing with a few problems (which of course may occur at the most inconvenient times) then go for the upgrade.

It’s not a disaster area, but neither is it all plain sailing.

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I agree with Roger :point_up_2:t2:. I have been on the latest update a few hours now.

Not burning through battery as fast.
Mail still unstable.
Drag n drop files kinda works.
WIFI connection drops out less now.

I’m really drawn in by the potential of the iOS multi-tasking model. I’ve been itching to work with this since June! I may just have to backup to both iCloud and my iMac, and take the plunge.

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I’m on 13.1.3 and it’s not bug-free but it works really quite well for me. I can’t speak for others, but I use my iPad (11" Pro) quite a lot (mostly for communication, browsing, working on remote systems, and recently OmniGraffle) and I’m experiencing no showstoppers. In fact, the new features finally make the iPad something that doesn’t make me feel dread when I have to do work on it the results of which may have to be shared with another device.