IPADOS 15 Hide Dock in Focus Mode?

I’ve been experimenting with the new Focus mode. I like it. I have setup a customized Focus for writing, which includes its own homepage. However, the Dock still shows up. I’d like to hide the Dock in a Focus mode. Is this possible?

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I think the best you could do is remove apps from the dock to make it appear less intrusive. The dock is used to interact with features such as split screen, so perhaps Apple didn’t design it to be hidden for that reason.

Thanks. I’m not sure removing application icons would make much difference. I was just hoping that the dock could be hidden in a particular focus mode. But, not a big deal. I’m really liking the new focus mode.

When you open an app it disappears anyway, so it’s only when you’re on the home screen that you see it right?

True, but I thought it would be nice to hide the dock. I never use it anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t want the dock hidden but I’d like to see Focus mode change the the displayed dock apps. In general, being able to switch between configured docks on iPad, and maybe Mac, would be useful.


I don’t think you can even change apps in the dock with focus modes.

The dock is the dock is the dock.