iPadOS 15 iCloud

Thinking about installing iPadOS 15. I know sometimes there are issues with iCloud syncing between versions. Anybody have an experience with their iPad on 15, but phones on 14 and Macs on Big Sur?

Any other crazy bugs I need to know about?

all has been fine for me, using ipados since public beta opened

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Same here. All fairly stable now (I know I will regret saying this already)


Nothing out if the ordinary that I have noticed, works as expected

My Mac is on Monterey, iPad on iOS 15 but my iPhone is still on iOS 14. All Public beta. Didn’t encounter any problem with iCloud synching.

How are you finding Monterey? iPadOS 15 has been rock solid.

Thanks folks! Pulled the trigger… good so far.

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I have iPhone/iPad on 15 and Mac on Big Sur without issues. I’m using the public betas which are sometimes more stable.

Works great so far. Didn’t encounter any major bugs besides Safari being flaky on some website. I suspect it has to to with iCloud Private Relay which is turned on by default. Found out that my country is not supported. But iCloud Private Relay keeps turning on even though I had it turned off since there’s no point as it is not supported in my location.

It has also fixed the bluetooth bug with my headphone which isn’t working properly on Big Sur.