iPadOS 16.1: Why 148GB "Other System Data"?

After deleting a bunch of movies in Infuse (latest version) on my 256GB iPad Pro 10.5 running iPadOS 16, the movies are gone, but the space is not released. It showed 77GB of “Other System Data”.
I then went into Settings → General → iPad Storage and deleted the Infuse app + all data, which still had another 70GB of movies in it. The app and the data is gone, but now “Other System Data” swelled to 148GB.
Rebooting the iPad multiple times did not allow me to recover that space.

Any other ideas apart from resetting and restoring from backup?

Unfortunately, no, I have no other idea. There is no real way to manage this “data” on a user level as far as I am aware.


“Apple recommended” this solution:


Which basically says: Erasing the iPad. They do not even recommend restoring from a backup, but to set it up as new.

Those two discussions are a few years old though. Maybe, others have a better idea.


I did restore from backup and that reclaimed the missing space.

Frankly, this is not an app issue, but an iPad OS issue - maybe a fringe use case, but should have been caught during QA in what they call betas (and I call alphas).

Just another example why if a certain Apple device is needed to pay for your shoes, you should not upgrade until well into 2023 (my target upgrade date has always been the night of the Oscar’s)

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The thing is that this is something that keeps happening in some cases for several years.

I agree that this is an issue with the operating system, but it is an issue that has been part of the system for many years, it is not something that was introduced with the latest release. :blush:

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Agreed. My solution, sadly, is to get a phone with enough storage to not have to be too miserly about space.

Not ideal, and not something everyone can do either.

Agreed, if it was a small percentage of the space. But in my case, it was more than 50% of the space that was lost. That is not acceptable to me.