IPadOS 16 on an A Series Chip?

I’m not sure what the A series chip does and doesn’t get - I get that it doesn’t have the variability in the pixel density, but does it not get stage manager at all? Does it stick with the old multi-tasking paradigm? Anyone have the beta running on a non M1?



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Stage Manager is an M1-exclusive feature so in terms of multitasking on A-series chips, multitasking options stay the same.

(See footnote #5.)

At this point I have little hope non-M1 iPads will even get full screen external monitor support.

AFAIK this is first time a two year old iOS device isn’t fully supported .

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Given Apple tend to have fairly long support for devices (as someone rocking an iPhone 6S until recently!), I think this is a genuine hardware limitation. The memory management in M1/M2 and graphics handling seems to be significantly different to earlier chips.


I agree, it’s just a milestone. I’ll be satisfied with full screen external monitor support. Any iPad that can easily edit 4K video should be able to support that.

I put it on my old iPad Pro 10.5 & played around for about 1/2 an hour this AM - struggled to find anything new to try out.