iPadOS and MS Sculpt keyboard & mouse

Hello all,

I’m fairly certain this is a no - but figured I would ask. AFAIK, some wired mice can be plugged in to work with iPadOS, using a lightning-to-USB converter?

Assuming I am correct - I use a MS Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard (and optional mouse) on my MBP. It requires one to plug in a USB dongle, since works wirelessly through that.

Any ideas what would happen were one to connect that USB dongle to an iPad running iPadOS? Would the mouse work? Would the mouse and keyboard work? Or would the expected result of nothing working be the result?

I can’t answer the question, I just wanted to throw out that Microsoft are still owning ergonomic keyboard design. I used one of these, and it’s predecessors for years at my previous job. They’re great.

I do far less typing at work these days so it’s not been necessary, but if you ever suffer pain while typing, you’ll probably benefit from one of Microsoft’s jauntier keyboard designs.

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Have to agree! Have one at home, and at work – and cannot see my going back to anything other than a split/ergonomic keyboard again.

When I’ve upgraded to iOS 13, and have taken the plunge on a new iPad – will give my own question a go – and pop up something here, should I get results.