[iPadOS beta 1-2] Safari shows Twitter favicon for latest topics on MPU

For some reason the latest topics from MPU, i.e., this url MPU Talk is given a Twitter favicon in Safari. This is the only page showing this. Clearing all data in Safari doesn’t do anything.

Has anyone else observed this?

I get this kind of favicon mixup with a few of the sites I read frequently in Safari. Hoping it will eventually be fixed.

I’ve submitted a feedback (FB9411567) since this post. But Apple is not acknowledging this one. Hope everyone else experiencing this to submit a feedback as well.

Are you still experiencing the same issues?

Mine is still screwed on the official release. The weird thing is that it doesn’t happen on my partner’s iPad nor my iPhone.

Clearing all Safari data, restarting, toggling iCloud, reset network, toggling all Safari settings didn’t help either. The only option I have is full wipe at this point.

I’m getting the same thing. On my iPad running iPadOS 15 Safari is showing me the vox.com favicon for tabs open to nytimes.com

That’s a bit annoying.

I did a bit more searching and it seems this is not a new symptom of ios 15. But now Safari can’t turn off favicon anymore.

There was some solutions for Mac to delete favicon cache folder. But it’s not possible on iOS, at least not without jailbreak.

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I still have it as well. Really annoying when the cached icon is something like reddit’s; it makes me feel unproductive just looking at the tab bar!