iPadOS bug on use Storage?

Is anyone else seeing the iPad storage being less than correct?

I’m certainly using more than Zero.

The figures on my iPhone are closer (i.e. more than zero) but still woefully underreporting.

Zollotech mentioned it in his most recent video.

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Seeing exactly the same thing
Zero in use

Fun thing is under “info” in settings it shows capacity = 256 Gb, in use = 273 Gb

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very weird.

Mine eventually showed 314 on a 256 device. After the update yesterday, it still hadn’t changed, so I contacted Apple (via chat). The tech person asked me to check the tab for iPad storage (different than the ‘about’ tab) and it was more realistic (76 gig used). It then magically righted itself in the about tab. Very odd but thankfully, resolved.

Mine’s right now. I always use the iPad Storage screen to check, never even thought to look at General.