iPadOS multitasking from folder?

Just installed iPadOS 13.1 on my 2018 12.9” iPads Pro. For some reason, I’m no longer able to initiate multitasking by dragging up an app from a folder in the dock. Dragging up an app that’s in the dock, but not housed in a folder, works as expected.

I’ve reproduced the behavior after reboot; it also reproduces from folders newly dragged to the dock, as well as from newly created folders dragged to the dock.

Anyone else seeing this, or have an idea what I’m missing? I’m stumped.

Drag the app out of the folder, then tap somewhere outside the folder with a different finger. The app should behave normally from a multitasking perspective.

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Oh! Well, that’s…new. Right? Or maybe I’m just losing it.

Thank you!

Yes. This is a change.