IPadOS - split screen: 2 questions. Help?

Enjoying the new iPadOS so far (the today screen always on, makes a difference!).

and my iPad 10.5 is coping really well so far! Haha

There are 2 things though I can’t do and Google is not giving me any answers :grinning: (nor Siri for this matter).

  1. I have a couple of apps in folders on my dock. Before I could use these as split view apps. Now it doesn’t work. However, if the app is in the dock (ie not in a dock’s folder) it works. Bug?

  2. It seems I cannot use the same app for many split views. For example, If I have Drafts/iThoughts on one window, when I use iThoughts in a different one (eg iThoughts/safari), Drafts will “lose” iThoughts pairing. Am I doing something wrong?


Try opening the folder in the dock, start dragging the app, then with another finger, tap outside the folder to dismiss it. Once you dismiss the folder the app you’re dragging should behave the same as if you had dragged it directly out of the dock.

Hmm. Apps have to be updated to support multi-window, but both Drafts and iThoughts have been, according to their release notes. Are you using the latest versions?


Make sure to open another window of these applications. From the homescreen/dock you can tap and hold and then “manage app windows” should be an option allowing you to open a new window. You can also drag something to a new window from the app (e.g. in Drafts if you drag a draft from the list to the side it creates a new window).


Thank you @ChrisUpchurch and @RosemaryOrchard.

The recommendations did the trick but from a user experience standpoint should have been easier to find them out.

Adding multiple windows is still a challenge. Need to practice a lot more.

Will get there though :rofl: