iPadOS UI issue in iOS13/14

This issue has been persistent since iOS 13 and remains unfixed in the current beta of iPadOS 14. If you have a hardware keyboard and an app in slide over, part of the UI is covered up. Is this driving anyone else crazy? It’s really frustrating in apps like Slack where I can’t see what I’m typing.

What about it? That’s normal, not a UI issue.

I think it’s odd that UI elements, important buttons such as ‘new reminder’ in this image are covered up by the keyboard - I’ve highlighted the issue in red above.

I know, I saw the highlight.

If you’re using a external keyboard, it doesn’t matter. Use cmd-tab and cmd-n to create a reminder. I think that’s why the design team left it that way.

A solution for that one app for sure, but why not just raise the whole hover UI element to sit just above the toolbar? Feels like more of an oversight than intentional IMHO.

because that takes up space that could have been devoted to the app. For example, let’s take Reminders. If the entire UI was above the toolbar, then the “New Reminder” button would be shifted up and the app wouldn’t be able to show as many lists.

Definitely not intentional. But I think the designers just saw it, considered it, felt it would do no harm, and didn’t bother changing it.

You realize you can use the keyboard button in the lower right to hide the bar, right?

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This solution only works until you start typing again

Thank you MacStories for covering this - Glad I am not the only one who finds this very odd.