iPhone 11 and Apple Watch not connecting

Both my wife and I have a iPhone 11 and an Apple Watch. We’ve both recently had issues with our watch disconnecting and refusing to reconnect to our phones.

Turning Bluetooth on and off sometimes fixes it for a period, but mine is now not connecting no matter what I do.

Given it’s happening to both of us at the same time, I thought I’d check to see if anyone else has experienced this and what you did to fix it.


My mum had this recently. We tried restoring her watch, then her phone (so her watch again), and finally set the watch up from new. The latter worked - it’s probably worth a try!

Setting the watch up from new has worked for me with a couple watch editions and iPhones.

Before doing that, shut down the watch and reboot it – I did not see that mentioned,

Also, make sure the watch is not in Theatre and/or Do Not Disturb – forgetting that I had turned these on has caused me to think there was a problem when there was none.

Didn’t have that, but I have a Mac that sometimes loses contact with some of the Watch continuity features. To second @anon41602260 , rebooting usually does the trick, in case that might help.