IPhone 11 cracked screen protector after repair?

Is there any reason that a battery replacement should have resulted in a tempered glass screen protector having a couple of full width hairline cracks?

It’s not like they are expensive, so I am happy to replace it. But by the same token, if this isn’t normal, I don’t think I want to take my iPhone to Best Buy again.

Both times I let Apple Geniuses replace the battery of an iPhone (6, X) they warned me upfront that this procedure might break the protector (and asked me whether I was OK with this).

I was lucky each time…

Ah. That warning was absent at Best Buy. Knowing that it’s a standard thing though at least makes me not as cranky about it. :slight_smile:

Removing the display on an iPhone requires a suction cup attachment as part of the process.

Screen protectors commonly crack or come off during repairs. We always made a point during check-in that they may not get their screen protector back afterwards. One gets very tired of customers stating “no one ever told me this could happen”, so it was brought up early and often.

Yeah, I can see how that could happen if they’re removing the screen.

This whole repair process was such a mess, it doesn’t surprise me that they forgot to mention about the screen protector.

My experience at Best Buy:

  • Call to make an appointment
  • Discover that the store doesn’t actually answer the phone, or even really have a way to reach them directly, so I have to talk to their national call center.
  • Ask if they have the parts in stock if I make the appointment
  • “You’ll have to go to the store”
  • I make an appointment
  • Go to the appointment
  • 30 minute “intake” where they run me through the whole process including making me disable “Find My”, before they bother to check and discover there’s no battery in stock. They’ll have to order one in.
  • Get my device back, leave the store with them telling me that once the battery is in stock, I can come back “anytime”
  • Get a text message a week or so later asking me to call them. The number in the text is answered by an autoattendant, who helpfully informs me there’s no voicemail
  • Call the national call center (since I can’t call the store!), and ask if they can look at the case and let me know if my battery is in stock. The national call center has no clue, but makes me an “appointment”.
  • Show up for my appointment. I’m not in the system. But fortunately the previous person was correct, and no appointment is necessary.
  • Walk out an hour later with a battery replaced on my iPhone

And honestly, had they clued me in ahead of time that my screen protector would likely break, I would’ve just ordered in another screen protector before I had the repair and they broke mine. :slight_smile:

It’s just insane.

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