iPhone 11 Pro case for photographer

My primary requirement for an iPhone 11 Pro case besides reasonable protection and grip is good button feel. I use the volume button(s) as a shutter release and the case I’m using now (top-rated at Wirecutter) has awful button feel—you just keep pushing with no tactile feedback that you’ve tripped the shutter.

I’m a photographer and with the capabilities of the XS and now the 11 Pro I find myself working on a project that relies heavily on the phone. Using the volume button for picture-making is critical to the work and good button response is critical to getting the picture without movement.

Any recommendations?


I have this case for my 11Pro. Button feel is subjective, and I’m not a photographer, but they work and I have no complaints. I like that the phone can be easily separated from the case for use as a gps, when taking pics, and other times you don’t want your credit cards and ids flopping around.

My last two Bookbooks fell apart within a year - really disappointing compared to previous ones. I’m back to a wallet, and an Otter Box case from the Apple Store. Feedback is great for the OP’s needs.

Moment makes good cases, they also have lugs for strap. Its made for their lenses but don’t have to use those.

I have the rugged case from Nomad. The feel (and smell) of the leather is great and it is very protective. Buttons feel solid. They have a XS case for the Moment lense, so maybe one for 11 will come as well.

I recently purchased a Totallee Leather case for my iPhone 11(non-Pro). I’ve owned Apple Leather cases for my 4s & 6s and find this case to be superior to those.

It has “… metallic button covers that feel like just the iPhones actual buttons”. I would prefer to not use a case, but this is the next best thing. It has a good feel and enough of a lip to protect the screen and camera when you lay it down. $45.

I use the Apple Silicon case. I think the button feel is very nice in this one, and the silicon material ensures a good grip. I also like the low profile and minimal added bulk to the phone. Going on it’s second year now, it is beginning to come apart a little, but I will probably get the same type of case again when I update in January.