iPhone 12 & 12 Pro arrival thread

My iPhone 12 Pro just arrived!

Still transferring data from my old phone, but on first impression, it doesn’t really feel larger in the hand than my XS. While the matte glass back is slippery, the matte sides are very grippy. It doesn’t feel like a bar of soap the way the phones with the 6 and X designs did. The Pacific Blue looks really great.

Anyone else got theirs?

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mine came this afternoon Basically up and running now. Agree that the 12 Pro does NOT feel any bigger than the 11 Pro…something I was concerned about. Square sides tempting me to leave un-cased…the previous rounded sides were always too slippery for my comfort. Love the Pacific Blue though it is a more subtle difference to my eyes versus the space grey I had before. I am on annual upgrade program. If I wasn’t, would have likely kept the 11 Pro as the beautiful Pacific Blue would not have been reason enough for me to upgrade.

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Happy to see people buying new iPhones to pump up stock price for us who bought stocks instead :innocent:. Buy more iPhones :ok_hand:.


Already got my first bit of utility from 5G wide band. Quite a bit more seamless to download files in apps that aren’t designed to smooth over latency and load time with UI affordances. The connection indoors appears to be more consistent, too.

One disappointment is that MagSafe did not grab the coil on my Nomad charger like I expected it would. I wasn’t looking for faster charging, just a quicker find of the sweet spot. I’ll have to keep playing with MagSafe. Ultimately I’m looking for Nomad or an equally reputable company to release a MagSafe equivalent charging pad for phone, airpods and watch so I can benefit from the more secure 15w connection.

Hey, every purchase of mine saves someone else from having to buy one. :wink:

Thanks mate! Full disclosure, I’m not upgrading. Not impressed enough to spend any $ on iPhone 12.

Received my iPhone 12 blue. Very impressed with weight, size and balance. Good screen size. Surprisingly strong grip from back glass. Not slippery at all.

I decided to downgrade from an 11 Pro Max and not disappointed so far. One handed use is extremely comfortable.


I recently upgraded from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 11 and am regretting it ever so slightly. I love everything about it but for the size and, in hindsight, wish I had gone for the iPhone 12 Mini as I’d love to be able to use the phone with one hand!

I’d be curious to hear from people who own/have handled the iPhone 11 and 12 and can speak to the difference between them when it comes to size and handling. Does the iPhone 12 feel significantly nicer to hold and is it possible to use it with one hand or is the difference in size when compared to the iPhone 11 negligible?

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