iPhone 12 battery check in

I’m on an iphone 12 Pro and when checking the status last night, I was pretty shocked that after 10 months of use the battery was already down to 91% of capacity.

I was just wondering if anyone else with an iPhone 12 wanted to check in with their own length of ownership and battery capacity.

I have had my iPhone 12 Pro Max since April and Battery Health is 98%

I have switched off Optimised Battery Charging as it was never full when I wanted it to be. I charge overnight and top-up when needed during the day. I run 5G in auto mode.

I am running with 2 Sims: 1 EE and 1 on Three in the UK and switch data between them based on connectivity, which surprisingly even in the heart of London is patchy, especially indoors.

Compared to iPhone 11 I definitely have to top-up more regularly with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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12 Pro, owned since November, 87% battery capacity.

Mini. 89%. Considering changing it, but not quiiiiiite yet…

Agree with you, because my iPhone 12 Pro Max is at 89% after 10 months

12 Pro Max. I’ve had for 10 mos. 98% capacity.

Pro Max Nov’20 now at 95%. Quite happy with that tbh :+1:

12 Pro Max, purchased on launch day. 100%… which completely surprises me.

12 Pro Max from launch day is at 89% maximum capacity.

12 Pro Max 90% Launch day

12 Pro purchased on launch. 95%.

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