iPhone 12 Pro Max New Setup Questions

Hey MPU,

I was told that I should try something new by doing a “fresh start” on my iPhone instead of a restore option. If I start from “new” and then login to iCloud and everything syncs.

Does all my exercise and activity rings history also sync up ?

What is everyone’s process when they purchase a new iPhone?

Assuming all of your Health data is synced with iCloud, then you should be good on your ring history.

I usually do a fresh install, but for a variety of reasons that leave me with a lack of free time right now I’m currently restoring from a backup.

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I always restore from a backup: I’ve had iPhones since 3G and my setup has always evolved within the life of the phone. The most recent example is, of course, Widgets. (And my widgets’ layout is evolving right now; I might “go large” after all. Going XS MAX to 12 Pro MAX probably won’t change my layout.)