iPhone 12 Pro Max won’t boot, stuck at Apple logo

Anyone have a solution for a phone stuck on Apple logo? I have tried all the Apple support things and it is still stuck in boot loop. I took it to a repair shop and they said I have error 1100. The problem started when the iPhone light would not turn off and ever since then the phone has been useless. I would wipe the phone and start over, but there is 1 day of important pics that I did not back up and somehow did not make it to iCloud. Any thoughts?

…then the only thing left is to take it or send it to Apple.

Once or twice with my various iPhones over the years, I’ve had a phone refuse to start up at all, even after being plugged into a known good charger.

Each time I found instructions (on apple.com, iirc) that involved plugging it in while restarting and maybe some other steps. Each time it worked.

I foolishly didn’t save the page, but these might be right:

Good luck!

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Appreciate the ideas!